NDS Dura Slope EZ-Track Radius Coupling 097

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NDS Dura Slope EZ-Track Radius Coupling 097

6.35" Deep Dura Slope Radius Coupling

The EZ-Track trench drain system combines sections of neutral or pre-sloped Dura Slope with the new radius coupling, designed specifically for track installations. Each radius coupling allows 3 degrees of motion between trench drain sections, making an adjustable radius easily achievable.


  • DSRC-097: 6.35" Deep Dura Slope™ Radius Coupling
  • Connects to DS-097N: 6.35" Deep Neutral Dura Slope™ Trench Drain
  • Interlocking tongue and groove joints for secure alignment and easy installation
  • Manufactured from molded, structural foam HDPE with UV inhibitors
  • Flexibility of design, 80' – 120' track radii can be achieved
  • Various grate options, up to Class D traffic rating
  • Couplings are 1.125” long and 6.95” wide
  • Plastic – Class B load rating for light vehicular traffic
  • Ductile Iron – Class D load rating for heavy vehicular traffic