NDS Mini Channel Drain Kit (Gray Botanical)

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NDS Mini Channel Drain Kit (Gray Botanical)


Ideal for pool, patio and area drains to collect surface water while minimizing the amount of debris entering the system.NDS Mini Channel and grates are dimensionally compatible with standard 2-3/8î clay and concrete paving systems. Both decorative andstandard grate options make Mini Channel an ideal choice for drainage on paver parking courts, patios and plazas.

Kits includes: NDS Mini Channel 3" (500), 2 NDS Mini Channel Gray Botanical Plastic Grates (554GY), NDS Coupling (548), NDS Mini Channel End Outlet (546) and NDS Mini Channel End Cap (547)

Grate Features

  • Actual dimension Actual dimension 3.08" x 36"
  • Requires 4 #846 Screws
  • Structural foam polyolefin channel grate with UV inhibitor
  • Open surface area 5.44 square nches per foot / 16.64 GPM per foot
  • ADA Compliant / Heel Proof
  • Recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph
  • Class B Load Rating: 61-175 psi
  • Load rating is based on encasing channel in concrete

Channel Features

  • 6 ft. long +/- 1" PVC Mini Channel Drain
  • Inverse flying buttress design
  • Bottom flange
  • Patented honeycomb reinforced walls
  • UV inhibitor
  • See Product Brochures & Specifications for installation recommendations