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Reed IC3/4SL Internal Pipe Cutter

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Reed IC3/4SL Internal Pipe Cutter

Reed Internal Pipe Cutters cut pipe from the inside (i.e. drain pipes or sprinkler drops, etc).

  • Heat-treated steel, saw-toothed blade make for fast cutting.
  • During use, flats on the larger cutters keep the cutter from slipping in the jaws of the drill while a lock washer on the smaller cutters keeps the blades from slipping.
  • All saw-toothed internal pipe cutter models cut plastic pipe aggressively and can cut wood for sink lugs.
  • Conveniently cut from the inside using a standard 3/8” drill. (Drill not included.)
  • Shaft: 6"
  • Blade Type: Saw Tooth
  • Blade Diameter: .75"
  • Blade Cutting Depth .13"
  • IC3/4SL features an adjustable guide that doubles as a depth gauge.