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18" MarMac Universal CMP DP Coupler (CMP to HDPE-HDPP-PVC)

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18" MarMac Universal CMP DP Coupler (CMP to HDPE-HDPP-PVC)


18" MarMac Universal CMP DP Coupler (CMP to HDPE-HDPP-PVC)


MarMac Dissimilar Pipe Couplers (DP Couplers) are engineered to join, seal, and restrain the connections between pipes of differing material and/or pipes of varying nominal size*. These unique, external sealing bands are reinforced and prevent infiltration into gravity-flow drainage systems.

The UNIVERSAL CMP DP Coupler is a four-compression band, heavy duty (3-ply, 180 mil thickness) coupler designed to join CMP/CSP (both rerolled and non-rerolled/plain/cut end) to any other type of pipe in that nominal size with an OD up to that of corrugated HDPE/HDPP and down to that of SCH40 PVC.

NOTE: For CMP-to-CMP connections go to MarMac CMP Pipe Couplers (soil-tight and water-tight versions available).

DP Couplers integrate several unique components into a single, customizable, full-perimeter, external sealing band. Our specially-formulated, rubberized mastic aggressively adheres to all known pipe surfaces, providing a positive seal to battle infiltration. The coupling is reinforced with a sheet of durable, woven polypropylene which provides shear and puncture resistance. They are constructed with four integrated compression bands, which when tightened, form a mechanical seal, permanently bonding the mastic to the pipe wall.

  • Size: 18"
  • Connection: CMP to HDPE/HDPP/PVC (Size on Size)
  • Strong, permanent, shear & puncture resistant
  • Easily installed & immediately inspectable
  • Tens of thousands in use today with nearly a 100% success rate
  • Full-perimeter, positive seal = infiltration-proof
  • Specially formulated mastic layer
  • Heavy-duty, high quality construction


***Non-cancellable and non-returnable***


DP Couplers are strategically manufactured with cross-laminated polyethylene, woven polypropylene, rubberized “cold-flow” mastic, as well as integrated compression bands, similar to MarMac’s PolySeal couplers. DP Couplers are three-ply with a total thickness of approximately 180 mils. 


The coupler shall be placed around the pipe, mastic side to the pipe, spanning the joint. The protective release film shall be removed and the coupler applied with the overlap at the top of the pipe. The straps shall be secured (outside straps first) on the larger outside diameter pipe (when applicable) with the proper tools. Then, the straps on the outside of the smaller outside diameter pipe shall be secured. The inside straps shall be tightened last. The closing flap shall cover the exposed strap work area, completing the joint.

CAUTION: *All statements and technical information are based on tests and/or data which MarMac Manufacturing deems reliable, however, MarMac does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information. Please read further manufacturer liability and warranty information.