4" NDS Pop-Up Emitter with Elbow & Universal Adapter (Green) (Each)

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4" NDS Pop-Up Emitter with Elbow & Universal Adapter (Green) (Each)

Also Available: Contractor Pack of 20 emitters NDS430_BX 

Opened by the hydrostatic pressure of water flowing through the drain pipe. As flow diminishes the Emitter closes again. The special patented design allows the Emitter to open with a negligible amount of pressure. Since the Emitter is closed during dry weather, debris and rodents cannot enter the drain pipes.


  • OVERALL TOP WIDTH 5 15/16"
  • Polyolefin Pop-Up Drainage Emitter with spring loaded center and UV inhibitor
  • Spring automatically retracts
  • PVC 90 degree elbow with drain hole or slot and Universal Adapter #1241
  • 40 G.P.M.
  • Fits 3" & 4" Sewer and Drain Pipe, 3" & 4" Corrugated Pipe, 3" & 4" Triplewall Pipe, 4" PVC Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Can be installed in vertical applications - ideal for discharging water from retaining walls and street curbs
  • May be used with Flo-Well to relieve overflow