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4" PVC Sch. 80 Mitered Drain w/Gray HDPE Grate

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4" PVC Sch. 80 Mitered Drain w/Gray HDPE Grate

Mitered Drain™ is perfect for use in hard to drain areas where lack of grade difference is a problem. Because of its sloped grate, water flows directly into the pipe eliminating the drop typical in conventional inlets allowing for better drainage in flat areas that need extra slope to achieve proper drainage.  

For use with culverts, under sidewalks, in planter areas, creeks and swales or any difficult-to-drain location.

  • 3:1 Slope  
  • HDPE grates have UV inhibitor
  • Area of grate opening (17.9 sq. in.)
  • Set screws are type 300 stainless steel
  • Not recommended for traffic loads
  • Made in USA