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AY McDonald 1 1/4" Mac-Pak PVC Male Adapter (Comp. x MNPT)

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AY McDonald 1 1/4" Mac-Pak PVC Male Adapter (Comp. x MNPT)


Used to join pipe to female pipe threads.  PVC Iron Pipe Size (IPS) Pipe Mac-Pak Compression x Male National Pipe Thread (MNPT)

  • One end fits over PVC Iron Pipe Size (IPS) Pipe
  • One end threads into female pipe threads
  • Insert stiffeners required on all flexible plastic pipe connections
  • Use 6131 or 6133 Series stiffeners on all flexible plastic pipe connections
  • Series No-Lead 74753-44
  • Manufactured in compliance with ANSI/AWWA C800 (latest revision)
  • Brass components in contact with potable water conform to ASTM B584, UNS C89833 (latest revision) and identified with “NL"
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372
  • Brass components not in contact with potable water conform to ASTM B62 and ASTM B584, UNS C83600 -85-5-5-5 (latest revision)
  • Large wrench flats provided for proper installation
  • They are designed and tested for cold potable water only.
  • EPDM rubber gaskets are used in our compression fittings.

The simple steps listed below will make your job easier and assure fast, safe and watertight connections:

1. Service tubing should always be snaked in the ditch.

2. Use a tube or pipe cutter to assure a square end. Make sure pipe is round. On copper tubing, use a rounding tool, if necessary. Surface should be clean and free of nicks.

3. Insert stiffeners must be used with plastic tubing.

4. Stab tube through the nut and into the socket of the valve or fitting until it bottoms out (some fittings may or may not have a stop).

5. If the nut or socket appears too large or small, a check should be made to be sure you are using the correct fitting and pipe/tube.

6. Tighten the Mac-Pak nut onto the valve or fitting with recommended minimum / maximum torques. Review:  -22, -33, -44 Series - Mac-Pak Compression Connectors, 8/11  for proper torque recommendations.




1. Protect threads. Avoid loose fitting wrenches. Do not drop or impact.

2. Use extra care with high water pressures (over 100 PSIG) and pipe or tubing over 1". Consult factory if desired.

3. Inspect and test all joints, valves and fittings before backfilling.

4. Backfill carefully so as to avoid damage to the service line and connections. Looping of the service lines is recommended to minimize strain.

5. DO NOT use Vaseline, plumber's grease, or any other petroleum based product on seals or o-rings.