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PVC 4" Bull Run Valve with 28" Key

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PVC 4" Bull Run Valve with 28" Key

The Bull Run Valve is designed to split flows to septic fields or systems. In addition to the advantages of longer life and easier installation it is the most public health safe alternating device available for wastewater disposal applications. The use has absolutely no contact with wastewater due to the valve's leak-proof and external operating characteristics. The change over from one drainage field to another can be accomplished in less than a minute by simply turning the valve without digging or contact with wastewater.


The valve is designed to be buried directly in the pipe trench requiring no concrete or hold down strap installation. The valve must be installed with the septic tank effluent line connected to the valve port marked "IN". The valve ports marked "OUT" are connected to each half of the drainfield.


Each valve port connection is a 4" schedule 40 female slip connection. The riser tube connection is a 4" schedule 40 male slip connection. Use ample pvc, abs, or multi-purpose glue to form a water-tight joint. Any of the following can be used to connect to the Valve.

  • Fits PVC Schedule 40 pipe. Use Part# P118-040 to convert to SDR35 pipe
The direction control handle should be rotated periodically to direct effluent to one or the other of two septic fields. After removing the screw cap at the top of the riser tube, the valve handle can be turned with the valve key furnished.