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Reed FRL Filter - Regulator - Lubricator 97591

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Reed FRL Filter - Regulator - Lubricator 97591


An FRL (filter-regulator-lubricator) appliance is key to preparing clean air for use in pneumatic system tools. Use of prepared air allows tools and equipment to operate with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Always use an FRL with REED pneumatic tools such as the Saw It®, Power Drives and Universal Pipe Cutters. Failure to use an FRL may result in premature motor failure and will negate warranty.

  • Maximize tool efficiency by using clean air.
  • Protect pneumatic motors from contamination by using an FRL.


1. Use clean dry air. Air containing excessive water will cause damage. MAX PRESSURE that can be used with this FRL is 120 PSI.

2. Oil amount adjusting valve is operated manually. Counterclockwise rotation increases amount. Three turns opens valve fully. Numbers on scale do not indicate drop amounts.

3. Periodically check water level in air filter bowl. Remove water by depressing small red button (MANUAL WATER DRAIN) on bottom of air filter bowl.