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Stegmeier Adjustable Height Paver Drain (Tan) 5'

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Stegmeier Adjustable Height Paver Drain (Tan) 5'

The Adjustable Height Paver Drain is a dual-elevation deck drain designed to be used in the installation of pavers deck.

This drain accommodates both full-thickness paver bricks and the popular, thinner, tile-shaped pavers.

Stegmeier Adjustable Height Paver Drain (Includes Base, Top Cap and 1 Coupler)

Paver Drain couplers (STEG-PDDCUP) must be used to connect Adjustable Paver Drain and fittings.


  • Easy-to-install 5-foot lengths are set on grade
  • No trenching required
  • Can be used on a sand or concrete sub-deck
  • Each 5' section includes a Base, Top Cap and Coupler
  • 45's, 90's, Bottom Adapters and End Adapters also available in each color
  • Other fittings include Couplers and End Plugs
  • Four color options available