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Stegmeier Deck Drain (Tan) 5' sections (16 Pieces)

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Stegmeier Deck Drain (Tan) 5' sections (16 Pieces)


The Stegmeier Deck Drain is an extruded PVC drain that comes with connecting couplers and is designed to be set level.

This drain is commonly used in pool decks, patios and other pedestrian traffic areas.

Deck Drain is easy to install by staking on grade (no trenching required) and has a full .100" thickness top for durability.

Deck Drain couplers (STEG-DCUP) must be used to connect Stegmeier Deck Drain and fittings.


  • Stegmeier Deck Drain BOX includes 16 each 5' sections and 8 couplers.
  • 45's and 90's available
  • Other fittings include Tee, Cross, End Adapter, Side Adapter, Bottom / Down Adapter, Cleanout, Coupler and End Plugs
  • Four color options available