Stegmeier Flowmaster A/T Deck Drain (Copper) 10'

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Stegmeier Flowmaster A/T Deck Drain (Copper) 10'

The Flowmaster A/T is a non-directional 4” Deck Drain System featuring an aluminum top cap.

Stegmeier Flowmaster A/T Deck Drain BOX includes: 1 Base, 1 Top Cap, and 1 Coupler

Flowmaster couplers (STEG-FMDCUP) must be used to connect Flowmaster A/T Deck Drain and fittings.


  • Each 10' section includes a Base, Top Cap and Coupler
  • 45's, 90's, Bottom Adapters, Side Adapters and End Adapters also available
  • Other fittings include Couplers and End Plugs
  • Five Flowmaster A/T Aluminum Grate color options available
  • Easy-to-install 10-foot lengths are set on grade
  • When installing this drain the tops are staggered past the joints making the joints very rigid.
  • Because the Flowmaster A/T Deck Drain tops are removable this drain is easy to clean and the tops can be replaced if ever damaged.
  • It is recommended that you drill and pin (3/8" rebar) the base at 3 foot intervals to stabilize against any movement in the concrete slab.