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Biobarrier Root Control Fabric 58.5" x 102'

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Biobarrier Root Control Fabric 58.5" x 102'

Biobarrier® Root Control System Protects Against Root Damage

Biobarrier is a unique, porous, durable geotextile fabric, which has permanently attached nodules containing trifluralin, a non-systemic herbicide that is classified by the EPA as Class IV and has a lower oral toxicity than table salt. Trifluralin prevents root tip cells from dividing, which is the method by which roots grow. The nodules are engineered to slowly release the trifluralin, creating a zone where root growth is inhibited. Instead, roots are re-directed to grow away from Biobarrier and the object being protected, preventing costly and dangerous root damage.

We Look Different. We Are Different.

Hardscapes and landscapes are a big investment, and traditional methods of protecting them have meant repeatedly spending time, effort and money. But a one-time installation of BioBarrier Root Control System or BioBarrier Weed Control System means years of security from roots or weeds growing where they’re not wanted.

Constant maintenance is a thing of the past with these easy-to-use systems, allowing you to spend your time and budget in other areas. The interesting looking nodules on the durable geotextile drainage fabric are the secret to our success. They contain trifluralin, and the way it works is simple. Roots grow when root tip cells divide, and trifluralin prevents root tip cell division. Proven by more than 35 years of agricultural use, trifluralin is an effective, non-systemic herbicide; it simply creates a zone around your hardscape and landscape investments that inhibits root growth.

When BioBarrier is used for root control, tree roots reaching the root barrier are stopped, while roots outside the barrier zone continue to grow naturally. When BioBarrier is used for weed control, the root systems of weeds do not grow in the trifluralin zone next to the fabric; roots of trees and shrubs in the same area are below the zone and are not affected.

We do look different and we are different; that’s why we’re effective. 

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